FB Deactivation

I have exactly 92 “friends” on Facebook under my real name. I was a little manic one night and added a whole bunch of people from high school, only to end up deleting them because I felt “exposed.” Yesterday I went through a downward spiral because it was suggested that I not share my personalContinue reading “FB Deactivation”

Writing is My ONLY Outlet

I’ll try this one more time then we’re going to watch football or I am going to take a nap. My hands are shaking. My eyes hurt too much to cry. Writing is my only outlet. Perhaps FB is an inappropriate forum, however I’m the one people come to behind closed doors. I share soContinue reading “Writing is My ONLY Outlet”

Like This

Melancholy, despondent, unhappyIt is that time of year again When the lack of light only magnifiesEvery beautiful disaster in my lifeI hate being like this I feel like I weigh 10,000 poundsAnd I am so ugly that God HimselfQuestions His Own creation Still a part of me finds solace in this wretched tendernessBecause eventually itContinue reading “Like This”